The Battle between Light and Darkness

Troublemaker and Poisoner – Part 2

“Then a great star fell from the sky, burning like a torch. And it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water . … One third of the water turned bitter. Many people died as a result of the fact that the water had become undrinkable.” (Rev.8:10, 11)

A red thread in Revelation

A red thread runs through this prophecy from beginning to end: it is the description of the struggle between light and darkness, the struggle between the realm of evil and the realm of light. Already in the letters to the “seven assemblies” there are many references to the powers of darkness: There is talk of the sect of the Nicolaitans. (The Nicolaitans were an early Christian sect who wanted to merge spiritualist and sexual practices of the pagan world with Christianity!) We read the warning about the “synagogue of Satan,” the “throne of Satan,” the “depths of Satan.” Abuse of power by a “Jezebel” who combined religion and state power and “Balaam”, a false prophet who wanted to curse the people of God for money. It continues with horrible images. A “burning mountain” falls on the water and poisoned it, causing many people to die from it. We see demons come out of the abyss. They torture people until they seek death but cannot find it. Then we experience the expulsion of Satan and his angels from heaven. And a great “Woe!” comes over the earth and its inhabitants. We see “wild beasts” appear who owe their power to the devil and lead them to worship the devil. And we experience divine plagues that are emptied out of the realm of evil and cause darkness and chaos. Finally, the “false prophet” appears, the Antichrist! Through devilish, demon-inspired utterances, all humanity is led against God! We see the downfall of the satanic counterpart to the “Jerusalem of God,” Babylon, the mother of whores and all evil things. And it is said of her that she has “seduced all peoples with her magic”. And in the end we see the victory of God through Jesus Christ over the powers of darkness and the coming of the “New Jerusalem” down to earth. Finally, the victory and the end of the rule of Satan!

So, is it all coincidence?

Is it still a matter of chance when God and his son are slandered and vilified? Is it coincidence that the Watchtower Society plays this game? Is it a coincidence that it too makes a contribution to the Antichrist? Because the false teachings about God, and especially about Jesus Christ, are anything but friendly to Christ! It all has a long tradition!

Secret occult teachings deny Jesus

All so-called Christian-Jewish secret doctrines reject Jesus. In the Jewish Kabbalah, the Messiah is a “holy serpent”, a part of God, who fell into an abyss from which he can only be liberated by “Israel”! Here, a distinction is made between a “wicked creator god” and a “good god”, the light-bringer Lucifer. The “evil god” was disarranged when created. He spoke to Moses on Horeb.
There are two rescue plans for Kabbalists: 1. To bring good to the earth and to make people good by doing so. 2. Because it is too difficult to make people improve, the second way is to make them evil. According to Kabbalistic teaching, sinning is the greatest service to the truth. So if the Kabbalist really loves his God, he will show it by becoming as evil as possible, and also enticing other people to be evil as well.

This idea is based on the assertion that light and darkness perpetuate each other, i.e. without light there is no darkness and without good no evil. Through the growth of evil, goodness will also grow according to a secret law. This assumption of dualism is also taught in Gnosis. That is why Paul turns against such thoughts several times. (Ro. 3: 8; 6: 1). In occultism Jesus is denied the only savior. Instead, the human being is moved to the center. The “initiated” man acquires so much “secret”, such occult knowledge, that he can save himself! Only the true “Israelite” can liberate the Messiah from the “abyss”. I would like to add a quote that sheds light on a basic Gnostic doctrine:

“These Gnostics claimed that the God who created evil in the world must be a wicked God, because beyond heaven there is a kingdom of light in which a hidden, unknown, good God rules. Now, from time to time, this secret god sends his messengers to earth, to kindle the divine spark that dwells in the hearts of the chosen few. However, it was the evil god of creation who inspired the Bible. In it, those emissaries from the realm of light would be damned.” (Robinson: Commentary on the Gospel of Judas)

I chose the quote because it shows how the Bible is presented as “evil.” It is the Antichrist’s method of misrepresenting the biblical Jesus and the Father by belittling the Bible and turning true relationships upside down. Kabbalistic and Gnostic teachings have held their own up to our time and are becoming increasingly popular in the face of spiritual crisis. Is it coincidence that such ideas also appear in the theology of the Watchtower Society?


Let’s stay with the “chosen ones”. Do we notice in which light the “spirit-anointed” of the Watchtower Society see themselves? Do they not also feel the “divine spark” that supposedly makes them the only ones who understand the Bible correctly? Even in the Jewish Kabbalah we find the pronounced exclusiveness of the “initiated”: According to them, only the Jews have a soul; the gentiles are like animals and only exist to become slaves!

It always comes to mind how the “faithful and discreet slave” praises himself and sets himself apart from the rest of the world. It is embarrassing to see him glorifying himself. How does he see the “other sheep”? (I have to put these typical Watchtower Society terms in quotes because they all have a bible-foreign meaning in the organization.) And finally, they always point out that only they understand the Bible correctly, that only they know the way to salvation and only they lead Jehovah’s Witnesses into the new order! Not only the religious leaders, but also the spiritual fathers of the secret societies of the Gnostics and Kabbalists assert this. But how do you position God and Christ? Is there a fundamental difference to the “secret teachings” in the intention of the Watchtower Society?

How does the Watchtower Society deal with the Bible? Their whole “theology” is full of false doctrines, false prophecies, and bible distortions. If you want to know more, read the glossary on this page, where almost the entire tricky “theology” is illuminated. This negligent handling of the Word of God is a clear mark of the Antichrist. Or can one apologize for saying that “the light gets brighter”? This language is used whenever a wrong statement is replaced by another one, or when a “truth” has passed its expiration date. No, respect for the Word of God looks different!

Another feature of the occult teachings I believe I rediscovered in the Watchtower Society: It is the emphasis on your own performance. (We remember that the Kabbalist must deliver the Messiah and that in Gnosticism the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus is denied.) The whole letter to the Galatians contradicts this thinking! Here, Paul shows that it is not the saving of one’s own works, but the grace of God, which came through Jesus Christ and is a gift that does not demand any special consideration, but only faith in Jesus. (It goes without saying that faith manifests itself in life, that it brings the fruit of righteousness. But without faith, all works are dead.)

Does anyone remember the lectures and Watchtower articles by Albert Schröder, in which he spoke about “heart and mind”? At the end he came to the following “insight”: By studying, one could increase the “quality of life of the blood”! By constantly “studying” one increases it constantly. How far can that go? My conclusion was that one could become perfect in this way, because at some point the “quality of life of the blood” is so great that it can not increase any further. And so the sacrifice of Jesus is superfluous! The highest “quality of life of the blood” then guarantees eternal life.

“Because you do not know who I am, you do not know who my father is.”

That’s what Jesus said to his listeners (Joh. 8:19), among which were many Pharisees. It is clear to us that the knowledge of God is closely linked to the knowledge of Jesus! “No one but the Father really knows the Son, and no one really knows the Father except the Son, and those to whom the Son will reveal it.” But whoever misrepresents the Son can never claim to know the Father, because I do not believe that Jesus reveals the Father to such people. It then has to be like the Pharisaic listeners of Jesus:

“If you knew me, you would know my father too.” (Joh. 8:19)

And that has a consequence! For Jesus Christ pointed to a simple, easily comprehensible connection:

“He who has God for the Father listens to what God says. But you do not hear it because you are not from God. ” (Joh. 8:47)

And shortly before he bluntly told his critics who their spiritual father is:

“Your father is the devil and you want to do what your father wants.” (Joh. 8:44)

With these illuminating words of Jesus, the Watchtower Society must also be measured. At first, I asked whether the false account of Jesus in Watchtower Society literature was just sloppy thinking, incompetence, or ignorance. In light of John 8, I am compelled to see it differently: it is the influence of Satan, because he has been exposed to him. That does not have to be, because if you really stand on the side of Jesus, then what is emphasized in 1 Joh. John 5: 18-20 is true: Whoever stands on the side of the Son and wants to take it seriously has protection Jesus and then “evil does not take possession of him” (also here: Joh. 17:11, 15). And then, without any doubt, what the Lord Jesus Christ said to those who are his followers will also be true:

“But the succor that the Father will send in my name, the Holy Spirit, will teach you all the rest and remind you of everything that I have told you. (Joh. 14:26)

How much does that affect the Jehovah’s Witnesses? ORG too, when it comes to the role of Jesus?

The abuse

The Spiritist Secret Doctrines openly abuse the name of God and his Son. Both are equated, of course, with Lucifer, Abaddon or the devil, depending on the “doctrine”. The Watchtower Society presents it differently, more carefully, and avoids the open reference to spiritualism. When they started, they clearly had spiritualist symbols on their publications. (The winged sun as a sign of Osiris, cross and crown of the Scottish Masons and the pyramid doctrine. Russell decorated himself with Masonic symbols! Even though he was not supposed to be a Mason, he did inhabit their world of thought.)

The Watchtower Society claims to be a prophet of God, citing information that the Bible does not contain. Because if, according to the words of Jesus, no one knows the time for the end, then it can not be “calculated”! What was ultimately done by publishing the information (1874, 1914, 1925, 1975)? It was decided that one began to “walk by sight and not by faith!” Those who trusted it only looked for a date. Their hope was the date! You can hardly live unchristian in this regard. For many, this also meant that they were trying to gain good points from God through “increased activity” in order to be sure that they would be able to survive Armageddon! And they had completely forgotten that “the righteous will live by faith”! They had also forgotten that all grace is what God gives us because of faith through Jesus! And they also forgot that faith in Jesus Christ saves, not the many works done in the name of Jehovah:

“The father loves the son and puts everything in his hands. Whoever believes in the Son, who trusts him, has eternal life “. (Joh. 3:35, 36)

There will, of course, be many people who will say to Jesus that they have done many miracles in his name. But what would Jesus say? “Get away from me, you perpetrators of lawlessness. I do not know you.” The lawless are called this because they did not seek the righteousness of God, but their own. The righteousness of God means: Jesus Christ!

The word “grace” does not appear in the Watchtower Society’s literature. Instead, they use the term “undeserved goodness.” With this, something has been neutralized: “Grace” is narrowed down to “goodness”. Grace is much more than goodness! In the Epistle to the Romans (5:15, 21, 11: 6), Paul makes it plain that everything we receive from God is pure grace and is given without merit (Eph. 2: 8, 9)! But the Watchtower Society deliberately wants to give the false impression that a Jehovah’s Witness has to “earn” everything. Their eyes have been glued shut and they do not see the grace of God. They also do not feel the joy that comes from the consciousness of the grace of God. And so God was actually denied in his nature. In place of the trust in God and Christ came the works righteousness condemned by Jesus and the apostles.

Psalm 139: 20 says, “Your enemies are abusing your name.” This is simply done by spreading lies in the name of God. How many lies by the Watchtower Society can one prove? In my experience, it has become a technique to apply any form of lie. And all lies were pronounced in the name of God! And what about the hypocrisy? This is also a form of a lie. And it is not just found among the Jehovah’s Witnesses; it is widespread.

And there is another misuse of the divine name: it is the triggering of fear to be able to better rule over people. It has been hammered into the Witnesses that one has the authority of God to govern them on his behalf (“Governing Body”). This stolen authority is used to create fear. In this regard, the Watchtower Society is the master! Do we remember Paul’s words from Hebr. 2:15, where he says Satan enslaves people through fear of death? And how great or strong is this enslavement among the Jehovah’s Witnesses? In any case, many people with anxiety have noticed me, some of whom were looking for medical help. The Watchtower Society allegedly speaks in the name of God, in his place, and creates intimidating fear!

But I do not want to continue the topic of fear. I just want to say that Jesus taught fearlessness, and that witnessing was not one of his tools! This is clearly a strategy of Satan!

The False Prophet

This is a central figure in Revelation. One does not have to go into detail to realize that his struggle is against God, Jesus Christ and his followers. Humanity is being driven to death by fraudulent religious and political teachings! It is the evil game of demons!

What special predictions did the false prophet make in the religious area? Paul warned against one especially:

“Do not be so upset or terrified by the assertion that the Lord’s Day has already dawned.” (2. Thes. 2:2)

Even though Jesus explicitly warned against following such people (Luk.17: 20-24), his apostles constantly felt compelled to pronounce the same warning. But what did the Watchtower Society do? Anyone who has been with them for some time knows the nonsensical efforts to rally the “people” by publishing data announcing the “Day of the Lord”! I think that anyone who deals so negligently with the Bible can only have bad intentions. Or am I too strict? The word of Jesus is written as though carved in stone: “No one knows day and hour!”! Or am I too stupid, not “initiated” and not “enlightened”? Kabbalistic and gnostic secret teachings have always maintained that only the “enlightened,” “chosen,” and “initiated” can understand the secret doctrine! But that is what you read only in these secret teachings and not in the Bible. Of course, the Bible also speaks of people being “chosen.” That is what they are when God has drawn them to Jesus and given them their spirit. That is what they are when they have become God’s children.

And I hope so! While working on this topic, I had the feeling of being threatened on all sides. It was not clear to me in advance in which world I and we all have to live! As humans, we are helpless, often too reckless, too trusting and too naive. We are powerless against evil and our wishes alone do not protect us from evil. We would be vulnerable to it if there was not a power that was up to the task. Thank God, there is Jesus Christ!

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